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Following a canine narrators anecdotal journey through a cache of places, imaginings and memories; Walkies exists as a visual experience comprised of simulacral human constructions. A recital which intends to render it's reader an observer on the sill of social routine and it's deviation, we take a walk around a neighbourhood which has retained it's signage, and mappings of the past, but shed the linearity of a time centric or goal oriented perception, children and dogs nominated as focal characters through their fringed domestic positions and less limited  interpretations. Pairing fictional and personal reference, 'Walkies' calls for reformation of interaction - generating semi-corporal forms that can evoke a physical solidarity with the virtual realm, provoking conversations around how an animal might perceive a loss of local physical event to digitality, or less loaded expectations of interpersonal and romantic relationships through online mass connectivity  systems. Re-creating mutated versions of childhood, hometown, and current locational relics, the artists act as translators between virtual and corporeal images, hand cutting and pasting 1,500 A4 sheets into the main gallery Space of Liverpool's The Royal Standard Gallery, becoming themselves a direct imitation of  a 3D software rendering camera, as together they build a complete environment square by square.

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