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Commissioned by Bitch Palace for Liverpool's Sound City 2021, creative duo Ellie Towers and Reece Griffiths created the work 'Courtyard', which was on display at St.Lukes 'The Bombed Out Church' the weekend of the1st-3rd of October. 

This piece was designed to be interactive, featuring a series of  flaps that lifted to let the viewer 'look out the window'. This main board, fabricated with trellis and printed leatherette, was accompanied by a book-style signpost that stood to to narrate each view.
Those visiting the pop-up exhibition were encouraged to scan a QR code which led them to this page, where they could take a closer look at the details made by a combination of hand-made illustrations and digital renders, the top video work allowing them to have a more intimate experience with each scene as they explored the environments.



At the Bombed Out Church for Sound City

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